2175 Extreme Shallow
   Experience the closest thing to flying on water. For a day spent at that special fishing spot, the 2175 XS might be a perfect match. Available in a twin console or center console design, its extra wide bottom is part of what makes it ideal for extremely shallow waters. It has also been updated with a new 5086 bottom for improved impact resistance. Of course, it can handle the deep end too, and sports a 200-HP Mercury engine.
   Featuring a unique tunnel design, the Extreme Shallow will do just that take you fishing through that favorite back channel beyond the extreme shallows. Available with the Riverjet Extreme Shallow or Center Console package, this boat is designed to run in shallow waters and has a proven reputation for versatility and functionality. Named appropriately, the Extreme Shallow will take you far beyond your expectations, effortlessly delivering you to that remote fishing hole or hunting spot, when others are left behind.


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