1775 Extreme Duty
   Itís called Extreme because thatís what it is and thatís what it does. The 1775 Extreme Duty is truly named after its intended use. It comes complete with heavily reinforced hulls: thatís right, nine 6061 extruded stringers, 3/8-inch 6061 center keel, 1/4-inch transom reinforcing and 6061 bottom. On top of all this, we have shielded the hull with thick UHMW skin thatís an extra 1/2-inch on the sides and a full-inch on the bottom, and as a result, the 1775 Extreme Duty is engineered to handle the most extreme jet boat terrain
    The Extreme Duty's unique parabolic hull design helps boaters safely navigate new territories at low speed as well as perform in treacherous terrain that other boaters can only dream of.


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