21' Alaskan XL and 23'
 Length  20'10"    and   23'10"
 Beam  98 1/2 "
 Height of Sides  29"
 Bottom Width  76"
 Approx. Dry Weight (windshield)  1350 lbs.        1500 ils.
 Deadrise  9 degrees
 Fuel Capacity  45 US Gals.
   Aluminum Thickness  
 Side  0.125"
 Bottom  0.125"
   Engine  Max prop 130HP   Max jet 250HP

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   The new Wooldridge AK XL is a dream come true for boaters looking for the ultimate in handling, load hauling and fuel efficiency in an outboard jet boat.
   Evolved from the ever-popular AKII, the XL has a 76" bottom, 80" floor width, 98.5" beam, 29" sides and is available in lengths of 20'10" and 23'10". In the 20-footer, it puts a 16 square foot larger footprint in the water, at rest. In the 23-footer, even more.
    It's got a broad square bow, extra-large two-piece walk-thru windshield for optimum visibility and access, a standup gunnel with flat walk-around traction tape, and of course the exclusive Wooldridge jet tunnel. It's a handsome boat, as well, with large side vinyl standard.
   Of course the key to the new AK XL's incredible load hauling abiltiy with modest horsepower is Wooldridge Boat design.
   Wooldridge engineers strength without unnecessary weight utilizing a tough and proven structure system that allows optimum performance, durability and a lighter overall weight for the absolute best in load hauling and optimum fuel efficiency. Availble in a walk-thru or as an open boat with tiller or console.
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