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G3 Photo Gallery
   At G3, building the best quality, best value fishing and pontoon boats in the marine industry is no accident. As a Yamaha Boat Company, we strive for excellence in all of our research, manufacturing and testing processes. We also believe that a total team approach in our Lebanon, Missouri facility gives us the best opportunity for success. 

   G3 Riveted Jons offer solid performance with lifetime value. They include the built-in durability of a one piece hull, high-strength one piece heat-tempered extruded ribs and rugged desert brown enamel finish.

   G3 Welded Jons offer the rugged reliability of .100 gauge marine-grade aluminum, high-strength one piece heat-tempered extruded ribs, textured non-skid deck, reinforced corner and transom braces, stamped-in keels and bow eyes with durable enamel finish in desert brown.
   The Guide V series by G3 covers the needs of virtually every weekend angler. The split seating allows for comfortable tiller movement and the three piece hull is reinforced throughout the bottom and at each bench seat for solid dependability. Sold as "boat only" these wide, stable fishing platforms are perfect for the sportsman searching for value and ready to "move up" to the quality of G3.
     These easy-fishing Guide V "boat-only" models may be one of the "best buys" for everyday fishermen. Put one of these handsome models at your lake cabin and enjoy the ease of launching and fishing whenever the mood strikes ... and while these may be the smallest of the Guides, they are still built for the rigors of day-after-day use.